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🇺🇦 Ukrainian Response Campaign

We've helped thousands of Ukrainians through highly effective, fast moving campaigns. Executed by small private groups that operate with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Recoverly was founded in the spirit of a startup. We identify and merge efforts to create lean teams and apply tech where needed. Creating sustainable and replicable response units across the world.

Founded by inRecovery and a small team of passionate entrepreneurs.

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All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible in the US, via our 501(c)3 partner Open Collective Foundation

Impact Highlights from our Group


Refugee families relocated, kept together as a unit, and provided with housing


Semi Trucks with food, supplies, and medicine to Ukrainian war zones

300k €

of Radiology Medical Equipment delivered to Kyiv hospitals


Diesel Generators sent to provide electric power to hospitals in Kyiv and Kharkiv


Ambulances acquired and delivered to Ukrainian hospitals


Small five person team coordinated these efforts! Imagine what we can do with more resources?

Founding Team

David Sarabia


Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Farah Dehmouni


NGO Veteran / FemTech Entrepreneur

Eva Anisko

Founding Advisor

Documentary Producer / Philanthropist

Nicola Crosta

Founding Advisor

Former UN / Social Impact Innovator

Media Coverage

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Live From the Conflict Zone: How David Sarabia of inRecovery is supporting his team in Ukraine

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Real Leader in Ukraine: Lessons from leading in times of crisis with David Emanuel Sarabia

Donate to Help Ukraine
All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible in the US, via our 501(c)3 partner Open Collective Foundation

Our Technology Partners

Your contributions can help our Ukraine Response with:

Social Reintegration for Ukrainian Refugees

Over 5 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine and 7.1 million have been displaced by the war. Reaching a new home country is only the start of the refugee journey.

Our reintegration efforts focus on helping families get back on their feet by helping them learn the language of their new home, find stable work, create opportunities to help each other, and provide mental health and mindfulness services in Ukrainian. Powered by inRecovery.

Remote Mental Health Access in Ukrainian Language

With millions of refugees displaced across Europe, access to care is critical. Mental health needs to be culturally relevant and delivered in native Ukranian.

Through the use of the inRecovery platform and key partnerships, we're able to deliver care on-demand to Ukrainian refugees. As our network expands, we aim to provide at least two mental health touch point per month to all the refugees we have helped.

Medicine and Wound Care for Ukrainians

On March 13, our founding member David Sarabia personally purchased multiple boxes of children's medicine in Poland and walked them across the border into Ukraine, after two major NGOs pulled out of their agreement due to bureaucracy.

Medicine and wound care supplies are critical. Many hospitals in Ukraine have been destroyed or have depleted resources. Supplies must reach people quickly.

Rapid Supply Delivery Deep into Ukraine

It takes an average NGO about 14 days to deliver critical supplies to Ukraine. Countless warehouses sit full of supplies for days and weeks due to red tape.

We can get critical items deep into the Ukrainian war zones as quickly as 24 hours. Through key partners in both Poland and Ukraine, we have streamlined logistics to move quickly during this conflict.